About company

About company

Prodenta is a company providing dental services. It started its activity in 1997. Currently, the company has 45 employees. It is the most innovative dental clinic in Lithuania. Providing modern and quality dental services.

The company’s second activity is the dental laboratory. It manufactures various types of removable and non-removable dental prostheses. Usage of the latest technologies allows us to perform services in a professional and high-quality manner. Fulfilling even the most complex customer needs. Our team can offer innovative solutions in the field of dental prostheses.

Dental clinic and dental laboratory

Finally, the company has a technology centre called Prodenta3D. It uses industrial equipment to manufacture individual prosthetic constructions for dental laboratories. Our company is the only one in the Baltics to have two Sisma 3D metal printers used in the dental field. On top of that, the company also has an industrial milling machine “Mikron HSM 200U LP”. which is made in Switzerland and stands out for its exceptional milling speed and accuracy.